Albert Memorial

Posted on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 - Category Uncategorized

The history of Britain is quite painted by the love of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who tragically died of typhoid leaving a void in the heart of the Queen who later went on to moan her love in many ways – the Albert Memorial being one monument that showcased her grief.

Holiday Lets London suggests that one visiting the Albert Memorial to refresh on the history of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as the attraction site line up can turn out be quite fascinating. A Museum was established for the Royal couple and is called the Victoria and Albert Museum which Holiday Lets London highly suggests visiting. Also as the memorial is located to Kensington Gardens, Holiday Lets London suggests visiting the Kensington Palace.

The memorial was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott and opened by Queen Victoria 1872. The memorial where Prince Albert is ‘seated’ is 176 feet tall and cost £120,000 taking over ten years to complete. The canopy over Prince Albert’s ‘seating’ is intricately ornate. After the death of the Prince at age 42 the government and the council decided to commemorate by setting up an institute or a scholarship program in the memory of the Prince to which Queen Victoria stood by word for a memorial. Holiday Lets London suggests visiting the Queen Victoria Memorial in order grasp the Queen’s grandiose taste in showcasing power and beauty blended together.

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