The Monument

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The Monument to the Great Fire of Britain is simply known as the Monument. The Monument is located at the northern end of London Bridge in the shape of a Roman column to commemorate the Great Fire of London. The Monument is 202 ft tall and 62m away from where the fire started. The Great Fire of London took place on 2nd September 1666. Close to Smithfield another monument called The Golden Boy of Pye Corner marks the spot where the fire stopped. The Monument to the Great Fire of Britain was designed by Robert Hooke and Christopher Wren. The top of the monument can be reached through 311 steps and a mesh was added during the mid 19th top of the Monument between 1788 and 1842.

Holiday Lets London suggests taking a look at other attraction sites that the Great Fire of Britain destroyed by was refurbished and rebuilt with more fancy and passion. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and The Tower of London will be a few that Holiday Lets London suggest.

In 2001 – 2009 a panoramic camera system was installed at the top of the Monument to record the city’s views and weather including the ground activity. The designers Wren and Hooke built the Monument as a scientific experiment. The Monument was to serve as a central shaft as a zenith telescope for use in gravity and pendulum experiments. Unfortunately the vibration from the traffic entailed the experiments useless.

The popularity and uniqueness of most of Britain’s ancient attraction sites have found its way into many books and popular media, likewise the Monument has been mentioned in many fiction books contributing to the nature of reason for existence. One such book is Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens. In the book A Bloodless Boy by Robert J. Lloyd the author uses the designers Hooke and Wren as main characters to solve the mystery of the dead boy.

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September 1666. Close to Smithfield another monument called The Golden Boy


Regent’s Park

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Regent’s Park is one of London’s Royal parks that contain the Regent’s University London and the London Zoo. The park has an unique outer ring called the Outer Circle and an inner ring called the inner circle that protects Queen Mary’s gardens. John Nash who plays a main part in British Royal architecture has contributed his design to the park as the west side of the park is aligned with elegant white stucco terraces.

The park is 166 hectares and has elegant views and sceneries. The northern part of the park is home to the London Zoo and contains the Zoological Society of London. Holiday Lets London advises you to take a look at other parks such as Holland Park, Hyde Park and Kew Gardens. Visit the Holiday Lets London website and Whats On In London to obtain more information on these suggested attracted sites by Holiday Lets London. Both Holiday Lets London complexes of self catering accommodation are located closely to many of London’s attraction sites. London is adorned with ample parks of beautiful sceneries to indulge in. There are quite a number of activities in the

Regent’s Park. Many sports are played at the Regent’s Park such as tennis, netball, athletics, cricket, softball, rounder’s, football, hockey, rugby and ultimate Frisbee. Also there are three playgrounds for children and a boat in the lake. The Park’s breathtaking facades by John Nash have been preserved for viewing. The Camden Green Fair is held at the Regent’s Park in an effort to encourage the citizens of London to ‘go green’. The beautiful fountain erected through the gift of Cowasji Jehangir Readymoney is located on The Boardwalk between Chester Road and the Outer Circle. The park has been featured in the movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

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Admiralty Arch

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Previously serving as an access between The Mall and Trafalgar Square the Grade 1 listing Building is now a luxurious hotel on a 125 year lease .Designed by Sir Aston Webb the building was completed in 1912. The building was built by King Edward VII to commemorate his mother Queen Victoria, unfortunately the king did not live to see its completion. A proud and fond encryption in Latin states “In the tenth year of King Edward VII, to Queen Victoria, from most grateful citizens, 1910”. The name came about as Admiralty Arch as the building adjoins the old Admiralty building.

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The Arch has graced many a grand occasions. Mainly serving as the ceremonial entrance to The Mall from Trafalgar Square it is the ceremonial road leading up to the Buckingham Palace. The Admiralty Arch serves as a ceremonial entrance to public procession such as the 2012 end of the Olympic and Para Olympics Games also Royal wedding, funerals and coronations. Prior to your visit to London visit our Holiday Lets London website to short-list other fascinating attraction tourist sites of London. Whilst browsing take a look at our five star class self catering accommodation as you will need a good London holiday studio to accompany your tired feet after hours of awe consumption from these beautiful sites. The Holiday Lets London self catering accommodation are closely proximate to many of the attraction sites.

As many prominent London attractions are laced with a certain amount of controversy, the Admiralty Arch has its own. At the north most wall of the arch is a protrusion of a human nose placed by the artist Rick Buckley in 1997 as a campaign against the ‘Big Brother’ society – as a twist is always possible some say the nose represents the large nose of the Duke of Wellington.

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Tate Modern London

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For those who love art and use it as an expression of their lives, Tate Modern London is an attraction site to help you relive British art from 1900 to the present day. Tate Modern London is a modern art gallery that is a part of the Tate Group; which includes Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, Tate St Ives and Tate Online. With 4.7 million visitors per year the gallery is the most visited modern gallery in the world.

Holiday Lets London suggests you visit the British Museum and the National History Museum to accomplish quite an arty visit to London.

The galleries were originally designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. In 1992 the British Art Museum proposed a design competition so that the building is to be redesigned or rebuilt to support the ever nonstop creation of modern art. In 1995 the British National Museum announced that the Herzog and deMEuron won the completion with their simple design. The designers decided to redesign the building using the old building to represent finding new life in old buildings. The Tate Modern London has seven floors, labeled from 0 to 6 and 0 to 4 are galleries. The main collection changes as per theme and collection that take up 4 wings where each wing takes half of each floor. The collections in Tate Modern London are not arranged in a chronological manner but instead in a four board manner in the wings. The boards are History / Memory / Society, Nude / Action / Body, Landscape / Matter / Environment and Still Life / Object / Real Life. The old power station called the Turbine Hall showcases special commissioned contemporary art. The first artist to exhibit in the Turbine Hall was Louis Bourgeois and the latest being in 2012 by Tino Sehgal.

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Albert Memorial

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The history of Britain is quite painted by the love of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who tragically died of typhoid leaving a void in the heart of the Queen who later went on to moan her love in many ways – the Albert Memorial being one monument that showcased her grief.

Holiday Lets London suggests that one visiting the Albert Memorial to refresh on the history of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as the attraction site line up can turn out be quite fascinating. A Museum was established for the Royal couple and is called the Victoria and Albert Museum which Holiday Lets London highly suggests visiting. Also as the memorial is located to Kensington Gardens, Holiday Lets London suggests visiting the Kensington Palace.

The memorial was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott and opened by Queen Victoria 1872. The memorial where Prince Albert is ‘seated’ is 176 feet tall and cost £120,000 taking over ten years to complete. The canopy over Prince Albert’s ‘seating’ is intricately ornate. After the death of the Prince at age 42 the government and the council decided to commemorate by setting up an institute or a scholarship program in the memory of the Prince to which Queen Victoria stood by word for a memorial. Holiday Lets London suggests visiting the Queen Victoria Memorial in order grasp the Queen’s grandiose taste in showcasing power and beauty blended together.

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Leadenhall Market

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Located in the historic centre of London, Leadenhall Market is one of the oldest closed markets in London dating back to the 14th many London attraction sites the ornate roof of the market proves to be a main tourist attractor. The roof was designed by Sir Horace Jones in 1881. The market operates from 7 am until late and mainly sells fresh food. Among the vendors the regulars are Cheesemongers, butchers and florists.

Holiday Lets London state the Leadenhall Market is quite an interesting place to visit harboring vendors of all ethnicities. The main entrance to the market is on Gracechurch street. The market received a facelift through redesign in 1990 – 1991 that won a spot in Civic Trust Award in 1994. Leadenhall Market took park in the Olympic Marathon course, runners passed through the market three times through Whittington Avenue to Lime Street.

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Leadenhall Market is a beautiful covered Victorian market that also has shops, pubs and restaurants. It is a popular place for city workers to visit during lunch as Lloyd’s of London and Bank of England are close to the Leadenhall market. The market has been managed by the City of London Corporation since 1411. Some of the famous visitors include Harry Potter, John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. The market is a feast for the eyes and a place for a photographer who loves Victorian architecture. The architecture comprises of lead, steel, brick and glass adorning the building in stunning ways that it blends between the old times with the new. Leadenhall Market is a warm glow in a sea of modern concrete buildings.

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St James Park

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Named after a leper hospital dedicated to the St James the Less that was disbanded in 1532, the property a marshland called Eton College was commissioned by Henry VIII and converted to St James Park and Palace. After the English Commonwealth period and after Charles I spent his last sleepless night in St James Palace before his execution to which later his son Charles I refurbished the palace along with its park. St James Park is 23 hectares (57 acres) and one of the oldest Royal parks in London. To the west of the palace is the Buckingham Palace, St James Palace and The Mall at the north, Birdcage Walk to the east and Horse Guards to the east.

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There is quite a lot of breath taking views to take in at St James Park. The park has a small lake called St James Park Lake that has two islands namely, West Island and Duck Island. Duck Island receives it names for the large collection of waterfowls. The first gift of birds to the St James Park was a colony of pelicans by the Russian Ambassador in 1664 – the famous colony still exists. St James Park Lake has a Blue Bridge that showcases a spectacular west view of the Buckingham Palace framed by trees. The east view from the Blue Bridge looks upon the Swire fountain north of Duck Island, past the lake and upon the grounds known as Horse Guards Parade along with the Horse Guards Building and the Old War Office whilst the Whitehall Court is at the back.  The south of the Duck Island is the Tiffany fountain situated on top of the Pelican Rock and when past the lake is the famous London Eye and The Shard. Holiday Lets London suggests visiting the London Eye to experience spectacular views of London at great heights.  St James Park is close to a chain of parks; Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

Henry VIII bought the land initially Eton College for Cardinal Wolsey with intentions to turn Whitehall then called as York Palace into dwelling of extravagance for the king. On the accession of James I to the throne the park was ordered to be drained and filled with exotic animals including camels, elephants and crocodiles. The park was opened to the public when Prince Charles II returned from France after his exile. The park had a formal and French allure as he was taken up by the extensive French gardens during his exile in France, it was speculated that the park was designed by Andre Mollet. Charles II added a feature by adding extra 38 meters to entertain guests and mistresses, this brought about a lot of mischief to the park as the poet, John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester wrote in his poem, A Ramble in St James Park. Just as many London’s famous tourist attractions find its way into movies, books and poems, St James Park played its part. In order to quench your thirst for literature, visit our Holiday Lets London website to have a look at other similar attractions. Holiday Lets London suggests visiting Hyde Park, Kew Gardens, Battersea Park and Tower Bridge that have entered the limelight.

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London – A City Like No Other

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“London is a riddle.” ― G. K. Chesterson

London… a city over 2 millennia old, full of unexplored adventure and curious mysteries. The world’s most visited city, London is home to a diverse variety of culture and people with more than 300 languages spoken within its boundaries. With plenty to see, from the world at your feet high above in the London Eye, to priceless treasures in the British Museum, or the best theatre at the famed West End, London provides a playground like no other – for work, play, and even family.

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Houses of Parliament

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The Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminister, comprise Britain’s two parliamentary houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The building is located centrally, close to the River Thames. Westminster is the central seat of government after King Henry VIII moved his court in 1530.

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The Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) suffered a horrendous fire in 1834 and the remnants were the Jewel Tower, the crypt and cloister of St. Stephens and Westminster Hall.

After the fire, there were 97 entries submitted for the new design of the Palace of Westminster. Sir Charles Barry and his assistant Augustus were chosen, and incorporated a neo-Gothic design into all the surviving buildings. This includes the clock tower famously known as Big Ben in recent times, the Commons Chamber and Lords Chamber, Central Lobby, Victoria Tower and Westminster Hall.

Big Ben is the most famous part of Barry’s design, and has featured in many films.

The government and the opposition are seated opposite each other at the Commons and Lords Chamber, with exactly two sword lengths and one foot separating the two parties. The Commons Chamber has an austere interior with green benches and the Lords Chamber has an extravagant interior with red benches.

Central Lobby is one of the lobbies at the Palace of Westminster where people can meet Members of Parliament.

Victoria Tower contains all the records of the House of Lords and the Commons Chamber since 1497, and has the union flag flying during the parliamentary year.

Westminster Hall is open to the public and is significant due to the 14th century hammer-beam roof, as well as for being one of Europe’s largest unsupported medieval halls.


The Wonders Of An Ancient Civilization, Just Outside Your Door

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In the cities of London, Paris, and New York stand three remnants of a civilization that continue to instil amazement and wonder, a feeling of awe and mystery. Named ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’, these three ancient obelisks, weighing 220 tons each, were transported across oceans and re-erected at each site, a testament to the will of man.

As history goes, obelisks are said to resemble a petrified ray of the sun-disk – an important icon to the ancient Egyptians. The ones in London and New York are actually a pair, with both made of red granite and standing at around 69ft high, inscribed with hieroglyphs. Originally, the pair stood in the city of Heliopolis, erected under the orders of Thutmose III around 1450 BC – making them over 3000 years old!

The London Needle is located in Westminster, on the Victoria Embankment near the Golden Jubilee Bridges, and in close proximity to the Embankment underground station. Presented to the United Kingdom in 1819 by the ruler of Egypt in commemoration of the victories of Lord Nelson and Sir Ralph Abercromby, the monument is steeped in history both ancient and new. Whilst accepting the gift, the British government refused to fund transport expenses until Sir William James Erasmus Wilson took upon the task and finally brought it to its new home in 1878.

Interestingly, the Needle is flanked by two sphinxes cast from bronze that face the obelisk rather than guard it. Another story surrounding the Needle can still be seen in person, as during World War I a bomb from a German air raid landed near it. To this day, the damage has not been repaired in commemoration of the event, and visitors can still see shrapnel holes and gouges on the right hand sphinx.

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