Houses of Parliament

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The Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminister, comprise Britain’s two parliamentary houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The building is located centrally, close to the River Thames. Westminster is the central seat of government after King Henry VIII moved his court in 1530.

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The Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) suffered a horrendous fire in 1834 and the remnants were the Jewel Tower, the crypt and cloister of St. Stephens and Westminster Hall.

After the fire, there were 97 entries submitted for the new design of the Palace of Westminster. Sir Charles Barry and his assistant Augustus were chosen, and incorporated a neo-Gothic design into all the surviving buildings. This includes the clock tower famously known as Big Ben in recent times, the Commons Chamber and Lords Chamber, Central Lobby, Victoria Tower and Westminster Hall.

Big Ben is the most famous part of Barry’s design, and has featured in many films.

The government and the opposition are seated opposite each other at the Commons and Lords Chamber, with exactly two sword lengths and one foot separating the two parties. The Commons Chamber has an austere interior with green benches and the Lords Chamber has an extravagant interior with red benches.

Central Lobby is one of the lobbies at the Palace of Westminster where people can meet Members of Parliament.

Victoria Tower contains all the records of the House of Lords and the Commons Chamber since 1497, and has the union flag flying during the parliamentary year.

Westminster Hall is open to the public and is significant due to the 14th century hammer-beam roof, as well as for being one of Europe’s largest unsupported medieval halls.