The Monument

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The Monument to the Great Fire of Britain is simply known as the Monument. The Monument is located at the northern end of London Bridge in the shape of a Roman column to commemorate the Great Fire of London. The Monument is 202 ft tall and 62m away from where the fire started. The Great Fire of London took place on 2nd September 1666. Close to Smithfield another monument called The Golden Boy of Pye Corner marks the spot where the fire stopped. The Monument to the Great Fire of Britain was designed by Robert Hooke and Christopher Wren. The top of the monument can be reached through 311 steps and a mesh was added during the mid 19th top of the Monument between 1788 and 1842.

Holiday Lets London suggests taking a look at other attraction sites that the Great Fire of Britain destroyed by was refurbished and rebuilt with more fancy and passion. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and The Tower of London will be a few that Holiday Lets London suggest.

In 2001 – 2009 a panoramic camera system was installed at the top of the Monument to record the city’s views and weather including the ground activity. The designers Wren and Hooke built the Monument as a scientific experiment. The Monument was to serve as a central shaft as a zenith telescope for use in gravity and pendulum experiments. Unfortunately the vibration from the traffic entailed the experiments useless.

The popularity and uniqueness of most of Britain’s ancient attraction sites have found its way into many books and popular media, likewise the Monument has been mentioned in many fiction books contributing to the nature of reason for existence. One such book is Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens. In the book A Bloodless Boy by Robert J. Lloyd the author uses the designers Hooke and Wren as main characters to solve the mystery of the dead boy.

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September 1666. Close to Smithfield another monument called The Golden Boy