Short term flats for rent near Buckingham Palace (London)

Buckingham Palace

Five floors of rich embellished history is the Buckingham Palace, work place of the British Monarch and the official London residence. A home name globally, sung in songs, used as metaphors, looked at as an icon is the strong reign of the British Monarch, the Buckingham Palace is a global sensation.  A palace of national rejoice. Located in the city of Westminster originally built in 1705 by the Duke of Buckingham it transcended to its royal nature when the town house was accessioned as the Royal Palace by Queen Victoria in 1837.  The palace has the famous balcony where for years the royal family congregates to greet the public. Intact as much as its iron fist of reign of class and stature are the palace’s 19th century interior.

Architecturally designed by John Nash and after followed expansions and modifications over the years as ownership changed hands during the middle ages by resale; the palace housed many a design faults making the royal house a tedious act of maintenance as ventilation and design defects did not allow proper upkeep. On the onset of Prince Albert’s marriage to Queen Victoria, Prince Albert stepped in to change the lax nature of the palace. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert made a home of the Buckingham Palace raising 14- 15 of their children and expanding when required. Unfortunately years later the palace endured neglect and isolation after the Queen was widowed, as the grief stricken Queen mostly clad in mourning black moved out onto other homes as to vent her anguish. The couple shares a history of tender royal love and had one of the jewel studded historic royal relationship. As one of Queen Victoria’s letters to her uncle goes on to say, ‘He is so sensible, so kind, and so good, and so amiable too,’ she writes, adding: ’He has besides, the most pleasing and delightful exterior and appearance, you can possibly see.’

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