Short term flats for rent near The Gherkin (London)

Built by the famous architect Lord Foster. This skyscraper is officially known as the 30 St Mary Axe and unofficially as The Gherkin. This 591 ft. tower that resembles a variety of cucumber found in your food platter opened in 2004 and is one of the most modern and tallest iconic buildings that embellish the London skyline. The unofficial name was coined naturally giving attribute to the tower’s obvious design and shape. The Gherkin is a replacement for the Millennium Tower that didn’t take way in London’s most influential financial district. If it ever occurs to you that The Gherkin has to be one of the iconic buildings you would like to visit in London, Holiday Lets London can book you a London holiday studio at any given time.

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The Gherkin is built around the architectural salvage after a bomb in 1992 destroyed old English architecture. The forty one floors represent Britain’s modern architecture. If you find the tower being referred to as the ‘Swiss Re Tower’ it is because the primary occupant of the tower is the global reinsurance company called Swiss Re. The design and energy saving mechanism of 30 St Mary Axe has won many awards such as the Sterling Prize, London Region Award and the Emporis Skyscraper Award. The top most part of building can excite you with panoramic views and due to its height the Gherkin can be seen almost 32 kilometers away. The 40th floor has a bar with a 360 degree view of London for its guests, 39th floor has a restaurant and the 38thfloor has private dining rooms.

The Gherkin can be your ideal destination if you are travelling with a date, the romantic London views can woo you both into the night. The glass dome at the top of the tower is known for hosting prestigious events and sometimes happy occasions such as weddings. So plan your romantic get away with Holiday Lets London for a flat for rent in London with self catering accommodation.